It’s been a few weeks without a post.  So here’s what has been going on with me! (that I can remember)

  • I started volunteering at Bluestockings, a completely volunteer run bookstore full of supar radical and queer books.
  • my sleep schedule went fully out the window.
  • dark prism made it’s Staten Island premiere.
  • put violet in my hair to make it an actual rats nest.
  • I spent way too much time listening to the microphones feeling feelings.
  • My pottery teacher gave me a hand crocheted cape her partner found in the garbage, and it is my favorite thing in the whole world.
  • I fell in love with The Epic of Gilgamesh.

While these are not even all the highlights of the last three weeks they are something and I feel compelled to post them incomplete or not just to bring things up to date.


Ending this post with my feelings towards cashews.


*This post is very late and I relate far less to the contents*

Some weeks i just relate to this terrible audio clip.

a sketch of my ideal pod

It looks like I’m going to use bullet points again to go over the highlights.

  • Monday included doing math, going to poetry class and babysitting.
  • On Tuesday two of my classes were canceled and I pretty much just went home and fell asleep after the remaining one was done.
  • Wednesday: My belief in coordinating everything you own and also leopard print was reaffirmed when I met my friend’s tutor!
  • Her home was filled with leopard print and she was wearing an almost completely blue outfit.  (Also her boyfriend spends his time putting glitter on various statues!!!)
  • After that, I crashed a crafting day that my friend’s mom was having. I made prints and successfully knit lace!
  • Knitting group took a non-knitting related field trip to the lower east side, which ended with all of us sitting in the park in chinatown watching the rats run all over.
  •  Thursday: after the yearbook meeting my friend came over and we bought tons of vegetables and cooked an amazing meal.  We steamed kale with garlic and sautéed a whole bunch of other veggies. We also roasted a pumpkin which we made into a pie.
one of three pies made in three days (a pie a day)


galaxy egg

Trying to find a good way to structure these reflection posts.  (maybe just a list)

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.21.26 PM
knitted outfit (vest + skirt)
poorly composed photo of the skirt, griz, and the upsetting sweater

This week went by fast, so here are the highlights (and lowlights)

  • (monday) saw Sofe’s cousin’s comedy show.  Had a pretty good time, ate a lot of other people’s food, while wearing a sweater that upset Sofe’s mother (it was v v ugly).  Overall I would’ve enjoyed the show more if I was a middle-aged straight woman(I was clearly not the target audience).


  • (tuesday) walked over 40 blocks (mostly streets not avenues)


  • (wednesday) I’m beginning to realize wednesday is a crafting day.  I have a ceramics and my knitting group.


  • At the tail end of my knitting group Sara and I went down to see if we could watch Shia Labeouf marathon his movies.  Unfortunately there was a multiple block line and we didnt stay.  That night I had a very realistic dream that Shia took me aside and gave me very wise advice, but of course now I can’t remember what he said!


  • (thursday) I’m not sure when, but sometime in the future I will post a bird video and the photo of me in the bird mask will make sense.
  • also on thursday Sofe and I went to new jersey to investigate Arthur’s mysterious disappearance. His mom Linda explained everything and it was very bittersweet.
outer-space_00428098 copy




goodbye arms

Not that much got done this week.  I guess that makes it a perfect week to ~blog~ about.

Here are some highlights:

  • I had a terrible nightmare that every part of the world (including me) had turned into tubes.
  • Started planning a spindle spinning class for children.
  • Pet one of my favorite dogs.
  • Made some pottery.
  • Started knitting a new sweater (or vest).
  • Made a lil art cushion.
  • Altered a gown into a wearable dress.
  • I did halloween party set up and clean up at different directions.
  • Everything else is stuff that really isn’t worth mentioning.

Hopefully I’ll get better at ~blogging~ and actually write posts that aren’t lists. At least this is a start!