goodbye arms

Not that much got done this week.  I guess that makes it a perfect week to ~blog~ about.

Here are some highlights:

  • I had a terrible nightmare that every part of the world (including me) had turned into tubes.
  • Started planning a spindle spinning class for children.
  • Pet one of my favorite dogs.
  • Made some pottery.
  • Started knitting a new sweater (or vest).
  • Made a lil art cushion.
  • Altered a gown into a wearable dress.
  • I did halloween party set up and clean up at different directions.
  • Everything else is stuff that really isn’t worth mentioning.

Hopefully I’ll get better at ~blogging~ and actually write posts that aren’t lists. At least this is a start!



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my name is lucy. I live part time in nyc and part time in nfld canada. This is my ~blog~ as I attempt to participate in endor!

One thought on “goodbye arms”

  1. Good start. Please post photos of the art cushion, and the wearable gown/dress. I love the 70’s (80s?) styled fashion models background, looks like the clothes my grandma used to make for me as a kid. Kind of embarrassing then, totally awesome now.

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